Futsal is back and we're looking forward to our sixth winter season in the Council Bluffs, and Omaha!

In 2017, we saw a need for a true Futsal league to serve the Omaha Metro area on hardwood courts and have grown to become the largest winter indoor league in the metro. We are excited to expand our programming with some great facilities and open the up and coming season offering the same great Futsal experience.

Last year we had 140 teams play Great Plains Futsal.


  • Creighton University, Iowa West Field House, KROC Center, The Simple Foundation

What to Know?

  • We only play on weekend's! All your games will be during the weekend with Saturday and Sunday play.
  • We give you a break! No games over Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year. Play Futsal and enjoy your family time.
  • Request multiple weekends off for other winter play.
  • If you wish, we can schedule your team to play in more than one game per day. Please note this during the registration process.
  • The biggest bang for your buck! You will receive an eight game schedule.
  • We are sanctioned! In sanctioning our league, we provide professional and certified referees for all games.
  • Let the kids play! Due to the format of 5v5 on the playing court, we advise that a teams roster has no more than 11 players on it.
  • Register now - pay later! You can choose to pay online at time of registration or select the pay by mail option. Team registration is $475.00 per team.

Where we Play?

Omaha Metro League play is scheduled at the following facilities throughout the winter; Creighton University, Iowa West Field House, The Kroc Center, and The Simple Foundation Academy. All games are played on hard court.

Why Great Plains Futsal?

  • We are providing you the best possible play this winter regarding Futsal. Many leagues call themselves a Futsal league but they do not play the correct way. We play on a hard court, we play with a Futsal ball, we play with Futsal rules, we use certified referees, we are sanctioned under U.S. Soccer, we are Futsal!
  • Request blackout dates available for conflict weekends.

2022/23 Winter Season Schedule Here.