Great Plains Futsal Rules

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History of Futsal

Futsal originated in 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay by a man named Juan Carlos Ceriani. Futsal gained popularity rapidly throughout South America, particularly in Brazil. The skills developed in this game are visible in the world-famous style the Brazilians display outdoors on the full-sized field. Pelé, Zico, Socrates, Bebeto, Ronaldo and Brazilian women’s superstars Katia and Sissi and almost every other Brazilian soccer star developed their superior skills playing Futsal. While Brazil continues to be the Futsal hub of the world, the game is now played in every country considered a soccer power. Futsal is played in Europe, North and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. Futsal® is the only form of indoor soccer sanctioned internationally by FIFA and the USSF. So, if developing skill is important to you or your team, Futsal is the game to play indoor. FUTSAL® (5-ASide Soccer), is a registered trademark of the United States Futsal Federation, protected by Federal Law.

Futsal vs. Indoor Soccer

• What is so different about futsal?

• Why is it better than indoor soccer?


• The only indoor form of soccer approved
by FIFA and the USSF

• Has over 25 million registered players worldwide


• No slide tackling

• No shoulder charging


• No rebounds or “wall-based” skills which are not part of the outdoor game

• Opponents can’t be pinned against walls


• Eliminates “kick and run”

• Develops shot selection and accurate passing

• Creates rapid repetition of outdoor relevant game situations


• Proper timing of runs to create ‘real’ space while supporting the attack

• Precise passing and shooting

• Decision-making skills


• Ball control and possession in tight situations

• 1v1 offensive and defensive skills

• Attacking and defending as a unit

• Offers more shooting opportunities

• Goalkeepers get more chances to improve their reflexes and skills